4 Reasons Why You Need Professionals For Drywall Repair

4 Reasons Why You Need Professionals For Drywall Repair

DIY Drywall, Good Idea or Not?


We all want to live in a beautiful, clean and green home. But, it requires quite an effort on the part of the homeowner to maintain a house that is striking, beautiful, clean, and which is full of greenery. A feat difficult to achieve, homeowners constantly have to strive hard to create and maintain a perfect home.

As a homeowner, you don’t only have to ensure that your home exteriors look beautiful, but you also have to make sure that the interiors, landscape, driveway, pool, and everything else in your house remains in perfect order. A lot goes into creating a home that is beautiful to look at, and a delight to stay in. From a well painted exterior, a nicely maintained landscape, and a perfect pool setting to stylish furniture, attractive paint on the walls, and more, you have to plan everything to perfection.

Integral parts of your home, walls and ceilings, play an important role in making your house look beautiful. And, when the interiors of your home have drywall ceilings and walls, it looks even better.  But, like everything else, even drywall doesn’t last forever. It requires regular upkeep, and at times replacement, when damaged beyond repair.

Though, more often than not, repairing is all it takes to give your drywall a perfect finish. Needless to say, without proper paint and finish on your walls and ceilings, your home interiors can’t look elegant. And, when the wall itself is not in perfect shape, then no amount of paint, good or bad, can produce the looks that are flawless. With drywall, you get a perfect finish, and then the paint on these walls look great.

Leave Your Drywall Repairs to the Professionals 

There are some home jobs that you as a homeowner can do on your own, but you just can’t repair everything in your house. But, there are some homeowners who think they can fix anything and everything that needs repair in their home. It is true that internet helps you learn a lot of things, be it fixing, or repairing a door knob, or changing your sink faucet, but there are some home jobs that are best left to professionals. And, repairing drywall is one such work, which should only be left for professionals to do.

Drywalls are building materials used as a substitute for wooden or concrete walls, which are not just inexpensive, but it also gives a wonderful finish. The only flip side to this is that drywall is softer in comparison to concrete or wooden walls, and therefore they are more prone to damages if proper care is not taken. Of course, when you have damaged walls at home, you need to get it repaired, or else it can spoil the beauty of your house.

When you watch videos online of people teaching you how to repair your drywall, you are bound to think that it’s an easy job and a perfect DIY project, but we tend to forget that the precision it requires (in repairing) calls for professional help.

Moreover, trying to fix a drywall yourself you might end up making the repair work even costlier, as the damaged area can increase further, which would then escalate your total cost. Hence, whenever you need your drywall to be repaired, it is advisable to call in experts.

4 specific reasons why you should call in professionals for drywall repairThe number one reason why you should call in experts if you have a damaged drywall is to maintain the peace of your house. Yes, any DIY project creates some amount of stress in the house. But, on a more serious note, here are 4 specific reasons why you should call in professionals for drywall repair.

  1. They (read professionals) know their job wellAn expert drywall repairing company, apart from knowing their job well, also realizes the unique needs of each of its customer, and therefore presents to you a customized solution. Drywall repair professionals have been through it all and seen every kind of damage your drywall would ever experience. They know what exactly needs to be done to fix the problem on your drywall. From estimates to the exact course of action, you have everything in black and white in front of you, which makes it easy for you to take a call whether to repair or replace the drywall.
  1. They have loads of experience and expertise – There is no substitute to experience, and with it comes the exposure and expertise of repairing the drywall, no matter how bad the damage is. DIY enthusiasts, or individuals and companies who don’t have sufficient experience and expertise of repairing the drywall could spoil your project and increase its total cost, whereas professionals do their job to perfection.
  1. It saves your precious time – Time, they say, is money, and you of course don’t have enough of it to waste. A project which professionals would be able to finish in a couple of hours, people with less, or no experience will do the same work in a couple of days. In today’s fast paced world, you don’t have that much of time to waste, do you? It therefore makes no sense to waste your precious time, instead it is better to save it and utilize the same in other productive work. Hence hiring professionals to repair your dry wall will save you time.
  1. They have the right equipment – Being in a different profession, it is highly unlikely that you would have all the tools that are required for drywall repair. When you hire professionals, one thing that you can be assured of is the latest equipment for the repair job of your drywall. Needless to say, you can spoil your wall further if you don’t have the requisite equipment. Moreover, just by having the right equipment does not guarantee that the job you do on your own will have great results because you should also have proper practice of operating these tools. And, when you hire professionals, not do they have the right equipment, they also know how to use it, which produces better results.


Apart from the reasons mentioned above, you also run the risk of injury and harm to your health, when you plan to repair the drywall on your own. Whereas, when you hire professionals, they not only know how to avoid injuries, but they also take necessary precautions that are required during the process of drywall repair.

Over and above this there is a huge difference in the quality of repair work done when you do it on your own, and the drywall repair that is undertaken by professionals.

If you are in and around Greater Central Florida and drywall repair is what you are looking at, don’t take chances of doing it yourself. Just get in touch with The Paint Manager, paint and drywall experts, and leave your worries to the professionals.

We have been in this industry for long to know the nuances of the trade, and know exactly what it takes to repair any kind of drywall.

We also have all the right tools and trained manpower who know how to use them efficiently, which ultimately gives your drywall a perfect finish.

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Do it Yourself: The Seven Blunders of Interior Painting

Do it Yourself: The Seven Blunders of Interior Painting

When you want to spruce up your home, change can be a good thing. Sometimes rearranging the furniture does not quite satisfy, and new appliances can get really pricey. The idea of a do it yourself project crosses your mind…

Painting your home’s interior can be of the most fulfilling, lasting improvements you can make in your home. Of course, redesigning anything in your home can become a tedious job, especially if you do it yourself! But what happens when DIY projects go wrong?

No one wants to live in a house with a bad paint job.

Your home should be welcoming, comforting and fulfilling to live in. When it comes to DIY projects, you quickly realize that some things really do require a pro. No matter how easy it may seem early on, it is fairly easy to slip up along the way.

But, if you’ve decided that you want to rise to the challenge of painting your own house, let us be your guide to a beautiful home.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid the seven blunders  of house painting, and earn your wings as a DIY painting master!

The Seven Blunders of Painting

Consider these points a checklist for your upcoming DIY project. The fate of your home’s walls depend on it.

1.Forgetting to Prep 

do it yourselfHow do you tell the difference between a professional painter, and a first time do-it-yourself-er? A pro always takes the time to prepare the surfaces.

Pay attention to those who do commercial painting. You will notice that they spend time cleaning the walls, putting tape around the edges, and applying primer. Pros also cover the surrounding furniture and use drop cloths to protect the floor. You might even notice that doorknobs are wrapped and switch plate covers are removed.

Wash and clean your walls long before you pick up the paintbrush. Use old newspapers, painter’s tape and plastic to cover everything you wish to protect. Look for cracks, holes and chipped paint, and fill them before starting. If you do make any repairs, make sure you sand down the surface before applying primer or paint.

Invest the time in prepping. A great final result requires a strong foundation.

2. Selecting a Color for the Wrong Reasons

When you go to the store to purchase paint, never buy it based on how it appears in the store. The color will almost certainly look very different under bright, florescent light. Do not expect it to have the same appearance in the sun or under standard home lighting. In fact, Apartment Therapy recommends these 10 tips for choosing colors for your kitchen and bathroom in this post.

 The same goes for that color you saw in a magazine. Any color paint will look much different under professional lighting compared to how it will look in your dining room.

Do not rush when making your color choices, either. The best way to avoid picking a color you will inevitably hate? Choose multiple shades, and bring home samples of each of them. Try them each on one of the walls you are planning to paint. Compare each one under your home’s natural lighting. Yes, this may mean more time until your walls have a shiny new look. Be patient. The waiting will pay off soon enough.

3. Using cheap tools

Getting the right kind of tools for a DIY project can make or break the end result. Though cheap brushes, rollers and paint sprayers may tempt you, never compromise on the quality of the tool. Good brushes have top-notch bristles which allows you to paint faster, with a professional-looking end result. When it comes to rollers, look for one with a strong, thick foam. A cheap sprayer will fail at spreading paint evenly. Some will even burn out midway, leaving you without a tool to get the job done.

Use painter’s tape wherever required. Never use masking tape in its place. If you want a professional quality paint job, use professional quality tools.

4. Using the wrong paint for the job

do it yourselfThere are numerous types of paint on the market. Knowing what types are appropriate for the job can make or break your project. In high traffic areas, such as the hallways or entryway, use satin finish. Accent walls work best in matte finish.

Knowing which paints work best with specific tools will help prevent major blunders as well. FYI, not all paint works inside a sprayer!

Always seek the opinion of a professional. You can often find experts on paints in the store that you purchase from. Let them save you from the mistakes you did not even know you could make, like using pressure washing services inside, rather than outside.

5. Painting in poor light

Light makes a lot of difference, and if you paint a room in dim light, your final result may be deceiving. You can see greater details in bright light, meaning that the work you assumed looked perfect, might actually be pretty sloppy! Open the windows and let the light in while painting. Avoid painting after the sun goes down and under harsh florescent lights.

6. Painting over a glossy wall

do it yourselfIf you’ve ever had a manicure, you will probably know why doing this can be a problem. There is a reason the nail artist removes the old coats of polish. Painting over an already glossy surface could end in an uneven finish, chipping, cracking, or discoloration. Paint requires a slightly gritty surface in order to stick. Glossy walls lack the right texture to hold on to the paint properly.

 To avoid this scenario, prepare the wall properly. Sand the painted walls down gently, creating the necessary grit to hold the paint. Then, wipe down the wall with a wet cloth to remove dust and debris. Once the wall is dry, start painting.

7. Forgetting to use primer

Buying a 2-in-1 paint and primer sounds like a great way to save time and money, right? Wrong. Many first-time painters are unaware that this product only works with smooth, clean walls. In the case of a rough or textured wall, use a separate primer.

On a textured wall, the substance creating the texture, such as drywall, has absorbent properties that can act as a sponge to a fresh coat of paint, leaving the wall blotchy and uneven.

If your home makeover plans include a glossy wall, pick up some primer. A bonding primer will stick straight to the surface, providing a good, clean backing for the shiny new color.


Avoid these all-too-common painting errors, and tackle your first do it yourself home painting project like a pro!

As with most home improvement projects, practice makes perfect. Relish in the experience of taking the fate of your home’s look into your own hands.

Before things go wrong, however, it is always smart to consult a painting contractor before picking up that paint roller. Before things go wrong, call The Paint Manager for all of your residential painting needs.

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Home Improvement: 5 Paint Safety Tips

Home Improvement: 5 Paint Safety Tips

Home improvement is not just for Tim Allen. In fact, it’s for everyone, even your teenage son who thinks painting his room will be fun until he realizes he has to put a primer on the walls first.

Either way, even if painting for home improvement can be a bit tedious, it still has to be safe. I’m not just talking about your safety but also your family’s because accidents can happen otherwise.

After seeing my mom accidentally step off a latter two steps too short when I was ten years old, I knew just how being overly

home imporvement

cautious can actually be overly rewarding. I’ll just say that as a ten year old, it was not fun spending the summer plastic-wrapping the metal bar in my mom’s arm before she could take a shower! Am I trying to scare you? Maybe just a little…

If it helps, we did get a ton of lasagnas delivered by family friends! Anyway, I digress.

Here are my best tips for keeping your painting home improvement project safe:

  • Hand safety:

Painting exposes you to a lot of chemicals. And, your hand could be the primary point of contact for these harmful chemicals. When absorbed through the skin of your hand, these chemicals can cause a number of medical problems.

Always use a pair of gloves when painting your house. It could be normal latex gloves or those that are chemical resistant. Average latex gloves offer a thin layer of protection to your skin, as they are much lighter in weight. These are handier than the heavier ones, which makes it a better choice to work with when handling the painting tools.

On the other hand, chemical resistant gloves are heavier than the latex ones and can offer more protection to your skin from paint strippers, solvents, acids and caustics. They reduce chances of chemical exposure significantly, but since they are heavier it makes handling painting tools a bit difficult.

  • Skin Safety:

When taking up the job of painting in your house you would also need to protect your hair and other body parts from paints, acids and dust. You can get numerous home improvement accessories that offer thorough protection of hair and your other body parts, from top to bottom. You could get spray socks, which would cover your face, neck, hair and face – up to the nose, including your mouth.home improvement

You would also need to get overalls for protecting the remaining part of your body. And, finally a pair of shoe covers or boots. Home improvement jobs usually require boots with hard soles as they can protect your feet from stepping on stray nails.

Try and get 100% cotton clothing, one that is neither too loose nor too tight. This will allow you to paint freely. Not only is cotton light but it’s also breathable which means heat won’t trap in your clothing if you’re working in hot conditions.

  • Lung safety:

When painting you are exposed to fumes, particulate matters, vapors and spray mist. Any of these can have an adverse effect on the health of your lungs, which should never be ignored. From preparing the paint to applying it on the walls, you would be exposed to a lot of damaging fumes and particulate matters. Always use a mask, or a paint respirator.

Use a face mask when sanding the walls of your house and a solvent respirator while dealing with products that contain organic solvents. Keep all the windows and doors in the room your painting open and open to the outside air. This will help diffuse the chemicals in the air.

As always, keep your pets either outside or at a friend’s house. They can be more sensitive to chemicals than we are.

  • Eye safety:

Eye safety is important in any home improvement activity. Painting easily causes little splatters and you never want one of those drops to fall into your eye.

Your eyes are exposed to solvents, spray mist, paint drips and chips and dust. Eyes are delicate organs and any of these can cause injuries ranging from minor to major, and this could even damage your eyesight. It is advisable to use glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. This is true of most home improvements including pressure washing, drilling, and sanding.

  • Chemical Safety:

Though the quality of paint has improved significantly over the last few decades, still you need to take a lot of safety precautions while handling paints. It is true that the toxicity levels have substantially reduced and paints now are low on volatile organic compounds or VOCs. But thinners, primers, solvent based paints, and paint remover needs careful handling as they have sufficient quantity of organic solvents.

Always store them in a cool place where it is out of the reach of children and pets. Also, make sure the place is properly ventilated. home improvement

If you have to keep your pet home, keep them outside but if you’re still worried about paint and your pet, consider an eco-friendly paint company like ECOS. It is so safe, in fact, it can be used to paint dog kennels!

Just a reminder of the history and dangers of lead paint:

It was in 1978 that the Federal government passed the law of banning lead as a constituent in paints. But houses constructed up until this time could have high levels of lead based paints on their walls. If you are living in an old house, the first thing that you should do is buy a kit that is used for lead testing. After conducting the test you would come to know whether lead is present in the paint or not.

If the test confirms that there is lead in your house, it is best to call in experts who deal in the removal of lead paints. Lead is not just hazardous for your health, it is also dangerous for the environment.

Only you know what’s best for your family but I know what’s best for keeping your family safe during a paint home improvement project! If you follow these guidelines then there is no reason why you can’t paint your home safely.

If you are based in Central Florida just call The Paint Manager for residential and commercial patining now for a few more helpful tips that would make painting your house a memorable journey.

If you think painting the house is a job not cut out for you, relax- call us and we would be more than happy to help you paint your house. Because, that is what we do and we do it perfectly.

Want to go a step fruther


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11 Ways to Add a Little Spice to Your Florida Home this Winter

11 Ways to Add a Little Spice to Your Florida Home this Winter

Ahhh, winter. The time when we spend a little more time indoors, cozied up under the blanket watching our favorite shows or movies. It’s also the time when we start looking around our house and looking for room painting ideas or other ways to make it feel just a little bit more like home.

Want to add a little spice to your Florida home this winter? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

room painting ideas

Image source: Pinterest

  • Work on Your Accent Pieces

Add a little paint appeal to the accent pieces and smaller areas of your home. For example, you can buy a can of whiteboard paint for about $10 at Home Depot or Lowes and use it to turn anything (I mean anything) into your own personal canvas. From refrigerators to spice racks or menu boards, this is a great way to add some excitement to your house and make it more fun during the chillier months of the year.

  • Bring the Outdoors Indoors

When it’s a little chilly outside, consider bringing in some greenery from outdoors to create an illusion of spring weather inside your home. Take some inspiration from your garden. Use a hanging flower pot, piece of a wrought-iron gate, vines, garden tools, baskets or even garden-inspired clothing to add an extra layer of warmth to each room.

room painting ideas

Image source: Pinterest

  • Go Florida Chic!

One of the great things about Florida is the wealth of natural decorations and sea-inspired home accent pieces we have at our disposal. Go to Hobby Lobby, the local aquarium or even the beach (nice excuse for a road trip) and pick up some items for a Florida winter collage. Seashells, sand dollars, starfish, or even synthetic coral will add a festive Florida feel to any room. Throw the items together in a wooden or ceramic bowl, and you are good to go.

  • Hang a Mirror (In Just the Right Location)

Mirrors are a hugely underrated way to dress up a home in an instant. By strategically placing a mirror in each room, you can add a huge amount of natural light, warmth and color to your home. Just hang a large mirror directly where the sun beams in or directly across from your favorite piece of décor (a painting, light fixture or photo collage). Then, enjoy seeing that light or image reflected across two walls, multiplying the joy and appeal.

room painting ideas

Image source: Coupons.com

  • Declutter, Store and Declutter Some More!

Nothing is more satisfying during the winter months than adding a little more order to your life. Just like squirrels, we tend to hunker down in the winter and stay indoors – so it’s a great time to store our goods in just the right place for when the weather warms. Besides, clutter-free spaces give the impression that your home is bigger. Read this great post from Coupons.com on how to organize your linen closets and gain some extra storage space to boot!

room painting ideas

Image source:  Pinterest

  • Freshen Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are your cabinets getting a little dirty from cooking in the kitchen? To clean off any extra layers of gunk, use a firm paintbrush and a wood cleaning product to help them look good as new. Or, if the stains are too hard to remove (or your cabinets just need a refresh) consider a new coat of paint or stain. Or, remove the doors altogether for a truly European style! For other room painting ideas, call The Paint Manager.

  • Consider Adding Crown Molding

Most of the time, it’s better not to sweat the small stuff. But that could not be further from the truth when it comes to interior decorating and design. Crown molding is a great way to make your home look high-end without shelling out high-end dough for a complete remodel. For the full effect, choose the widest trimmed molding that your budget will allow, and avoid the plastic, paintable versions. From baseboards to columns, ceiling beams and chair rails, you are only limited by your own imagination. Read this great post by Houzz to see if crown molding is right for you and your home.

room painting ideas

Image source: Pinterest

  • Start Pillow Talkin’

Adding new pillows to your living room or bedroom add a one-two punch effect to each area. One, they provide yourself and your guests with some extra comfort. Two, if selected carefully, they can add an extra layer of warmth and elegance too. We recommend choosing a larger than standard pillow. Instead of the 12 to 18 inch sizes, go for a 22-inch pillow cover with a 24-inch insert instead. Overstuffed pillows look more high-end, and larger covers mean you get more of a design pop as well.

room painting ideas

Image source: Pinterest

  • Update Your Window Treatments

Window treatments are one of the most budget-friendly decorative changes you can make. However, if you choose the wrong materials, it can make your home look cheap. We recommend you avoid using any see-through materials. Even if you buy your curtains from a discount rack, thicker cotton or linen draperies have the feel of a high-end store. Natural silk is another good way to go. Of course, bamboo shades and wood blinds look great too, and they go well with the Florida Chic style mentioned in Tip #3.

  • Let Some More Light In

If you are fortunate enough to have ample windows in each room, consider opening the shades or curtains wider during the winter months. Because our days our shorter, you want to take advantage of the sunlight we do get each day. But don’t fret if you lack enough natural light to begin with. Read this great article from Better Homes & Gardens on how to add lighting to any room. We personally liked the page 13 tip on using open plan overhead lighting to warm up a room.


Image source: Pinterest

  • Give Your Walls a Little Love

The color of your walls (inside and out) are one of the most important things to think about when setting the tone of your home. While it can be daunting to make a change, it can be just as rewarding when the new color matches the feeling you are trying to create. First, decide between a bold/dramatic color and more soft/understated hues. Match your choice to your personality and design goals.

Want even more room painting ideas? Give The Paint Manager a call.

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Utilize The Black Friday Sale To Change The Look And Feel Of Your Home

Utilize The Black Friday Sale To Change The Look And Feel Of Your Home

Green room


Its the end of the year and the New Year is around the corner! People are busy chalking out their shopping strategies with a keen eye searching for best deals on offer. It is also an occasion when you want your home to be at its best in terms of appearance.

Hence, how do you plan to achieve your twin objectives of shopping and making your house look good? Yes, you can get the exterior of your home cleaned, including the pool deck, driveway and sidewalks, which can give your house a fresh look. This time of the year is ideal to fulfill all your material needs and make your home appear great. All you have to do is follow the big bang ‘Black Friday Sale’ and pick up what you want- products or services, everything will be up for grabs.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday in is the day after Thanksgiving, which marks the beginning of shopping season for the Americans. Though not a holiday,on Black Friday many people take their day off and seize the opportunity to get the best bargains offered. Most retailers start their day earlier than usual and are open late in the night to cater to their customers. With products and services being on offer at discounted prices, Black Friday is considered the ultimate shopping bonanza of the year.

Cleaning your home exterior

We all love to come back to a spic and span home. Normally, all of us pay a lot of attention to the interiors of our home but forget that even the exteriors hold the same importance. Over time and with so much of exposure we need to periodically clean our home exteriors as well. After all, it is the exteriors that create the first impression on the people who come to visit us.

Pressure washing can actually do a lot of good to the exteriors of your home, but you need experts to do the job professionally. Black Friday sale this year, is the best time for you to get in touch with The Paint Manager and get your house exterior cleaned, including driveway (up to 1250 Sq. Ft.), pool deck and sidewalk.

If you are based in Central Florida, just call The Paint Manager today and stay focused on your shopping spree on the Black Friday sale. Let professionals handle the cleaning of your home and that too at discounted rates. Avail the sale offer and save money to put it back to shopping.

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Summer savings from The Paint Manager

Summer savings from The Paint Manager







We use top quality coating on all of our Apartment re-paints. Some of our vendors are; Behr, Sherwin-Williams, PPG, PPG Porter Paints, Glidden, Benjamin Moore, Florida Paints, Richards, and more. Here is where your Ideas become reality.

Go to www.tpmfl.com to take advantage of this offer for a limited time only. We serve all of Central Florida. Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Cocoa, and Daytona beach.

This offer includes all building paint materials and pressure cleaning of buildings.

Excluded areas are:

  • Railings
  • Roof cleaning
  • Floor decks
  • Fences
  • lighting
  • lettering
  • Markings
  • Wood Rot

Act now and receive a $5,000.00 cash back rebate on all projects over $50,000. Only one rebate per project will be issued.

The Paint Manager

*If more than 250 units are needing service. Please continue with the $585 per unit pricing during this 90 day promotion. May, June and July of 2016 only.

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6 ways We Can Help Your Home Appeal to Buyers

6 ways We Can Help Your Home Appeal to Buyers





Right now, the housing market is very competitive, and buyer’s have a lot of options to choose from. When a buyer walks through a home, they don’t want to see all of the work that the home needs. Instead, they want to envision their kids running through the hallways, or the family gathering in the dining room for the holidays. Make sure your home is memorable in a positive way. Below are six ways The Paint Manager can help you make sure your home stays competitive and shows well to prospective buyers.
1) Enhance Your Curb Appeal
You only have one chance to make a first impression when it comes to selling your house. Simple cosmetic changes such as repainting or replacing the mailbox or the fence can go a long way. Other ways to enhance your curb appeal include trimming the shrubs, or even repainting your curb.
2) Feel the Pressure
Pressure washing is a great way to freshen up the exterior of your home. From the drive way to the front walk way, from the sides of your home to the pool deck, pressure washing can get rid of all the natural buildup such as pollen, dirt, and mildew, to give your home a like-new look.
3) Repaint the Front Door
Colorful front doors are super chic and can add character to an already charming home. Even if you opt for something more neutral, repainting and sealing a front door can really set off a house-showing or an open house on the right foot. Think of all the times you’ve kicked the door, jammed it, or slammed it. It’s not something you may pay much attention to daily, but a potential buyer will see all the signs of use and wear that you’ve become used to. Freshen it up!
4) Leave Popcorn to the Movie Theaters
One thing that should be left in the 20th century is a popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceilings are outdated and not desirable to most buyers. Removing popcorn ceiling texture adds a sense of modernity and refinement to any room. Age is often best kept a secret, so let buyers be surprised when they find out the age of your home!
5) Get Rid of the Wallpaper
Maybe your kid really liked the lighthouse wall border in their bedroom, but chances are most buyer’s won’t. Removing wall paper is no easy task for anyone, so it can be a major turnoff to people that are looking for a move-in ready home. Leave it to a professional to quickly remove any wall paper or wall border.
6) Stick to Neutral Color Paints
In a competitive market, buyer’s will have their fair share of move-in ready homes to choose from. Neutral colored paints provide prospective buyers with a blank canvas to envision their own furniture and decor in the home. You might be partial to that burnt orange color in your living room, but to buyer’s, that might be the only thing they remember about your home.
As the saying goes, it takes money to make money, and if you are thinking about putting your house on the market anytime soon, you should consider investing in your home in order to see a larger gain and a faster sale.
Let The Paint Manager take care of any of these tasks, and make your home appear move-in ready and hassle free to buyers!

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