Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Roof Repair Contractor?

Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Roof Repair Contractor?

Unlike many other areas of home maintenance and repair, your roof is not a DIY project. Roof repair is a specialized job, and you need professionals to do the task correctly. The philosophy of “jack of all trades and master of none” does not hold true in case of roof repair.

A well-maintained shingle or tile roof not only increases the curb appeal of your Central Florida home, but prolongs its life. Conscientious roof maintenance starts with a clean roof – which speaks volumes about the overall condition of your home, and your values as a homeowner.


Here are 5 Reasons to Have Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

  1. Aesthetics – keep your home beautiful and enjoy pride of ownership
  2. Roof longevity – maximize its life and save money
  3. Value – protect your investment
  4. Health – mold triggers allergies; a clean roof promotes a healthy home
  5. Energy cost – a stained roof ultimately results in higher energy bills


How to Tell When it’s Time to Repair Your Roof

Sometimes, even a clean roof needs to be repaired. Damage from high winds, hail, tree branches, etc., necessitate calling a roof repair contractor. In the case of damage covered by homeowners insurance, your policy will determine eligible reimbursement for repairs. No matter how up to the task you may believe yourself to be, the main reasons for leaving it to the experts follow.

Experience and training – Roofing professionals have experience in a wide range of repair and replacement jobs, giving them the ability to recognize conditions that warrant a particular approach. What you may know from watching a YouTube video and what a pro knows from having encountered the same thing numerous times are probably two different things. Guess who should produce the more sound result? The roof is one of your home’s most complex structures. Don’t compromise its safety/integrity.

Roof repair can be dangerous – According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falling is the leading cause of injuries in construction. In 2015, out of a total 937 reported injuries, 350 were due to a fall. Climbing and working on a roof is not an easy job, it requires training and precision to avoid falls and accidents – which do-it-yourselfers typically lack.

Professionals are licensed and insured – Make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured. There are usually two components to insurance – workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, which protect homeowners from injuries suffered by others on your property and accidental property damage liabilities.

Also, hiring a licensed roof repairing company means that they have the necessary experience, the required skill set and a verified background check. It means that an insured and licensed roofing contractor will have trained professionals.

Repairing the roof on your own can void the manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee – Most roofing material manufacturers offer a warranty, but doing the job yourself may void it. In addition, a reputable roofing company will most likely guarantee its own work, providing an extra degree of protection.

If you live in the metro Orlando area and your roof needs repair, get in touch with The Paint Manager. With more than 15 years of roof repair experience, The Paint Manager is a trusted name in Central Florida roof repair. Living up to our customers’ expectations is our highest priority. We adhere to OSHA guidelines, and work as a team to give your roof a new look.


Stay Dry: Roof Maintenance Tips for Florida Homeowners

Stay Dry: Roof Maintenance Tips for Florida Homeowners

Years ago, you built your dream home. But somewhere along the line between a few kids, a dog that destroyed the lawn, and an increasing leak in the kitchen, you find yourself fantasizing about the good old days.  You look through the window at your neighbor’s home. The yard, immaculate. The kids? Off to college. The roof? Looks brand new. Meanwhile, water keep dripping into that pot in the kitchen. You could use a few roof maintenance tips.

The truth is, many Floridian homeowners are unaware that roof maintenance ranks among one of the most essential improvement projects you will ever undertake. In fact, neglecting your roof reduces the value of your home, and may already be costing you hundreds in energy bills.

So before you pursue cosmetic work from painting contractors, or refurnish the living room for the third time, take the time to look at your roof.

These Roof Maintenance tips will help keep your roof in great shape, saving you time and money in the process.

1. Clean up the Debris

Debris, dust, cobwebs and other clutter tend to accumulate in the ventilation and exhaust. At least once per year, take the time to remove this unwanted mess from your vents. Remove leaves and other debris from the gutters whenever it begins to accumulate. Roof cleaning services can do this for you at an affordable rate, if you do not feel comfortable or able to do it yourself. Unwanted debris can cause unnecessary damage to your roof. Cleaning typically comes at a fraction of the time and cost of a large repair.

2. Check Flashing, Joints, and Seals

roof maintenance tipsFlashing, (typically found around fireplaces and skylights) joints, and seals tend to be the starting point for most leaks. Inspect for any bending, punctures, dry or loose sealant. If you notice any issues, mend them as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Flashing eventually deteriorates over time, making the formally watertight seal an open invitation for a leak. Fluctuating weather can weaken seals, letting water in. Check these regularly to prevent a small leak from becoming a major issue.

3. Choose the Right Materials

New and existing homeowners, listen up: Roofing is not the place to be cutting corners, budget-wise. A roof designed for the Northeast may not be functional here in Central Florida, where we experience heavy rain, and occasional hurricane force winds. But, hey, at least it doesn’t snow, right? While every type of roofing tile has its pros and cons, consider looking into clay, concrete, and metal as potential choices. Take the time to do your research. A strong, attractive roof could increase the value of your home!


4. Trim All Nearby Branches

roof maintenance tipsMany Floridian homeowners neglect this simple step. We have all seen a rough afternoon thunderstorm break tree branches. If a regular storm can do this, what happens when a tropical storm or hurricane blows through town? A large branch could very well find its way onto your roof. Damaged Shingles and other structural damage becomes a very strong possibility.  Not to mention, tree branches make an excellent bridge for pests, like rodents, to find their way in or around your home. Before you need any major repairs, call a tree service to trim back branches. We recommend keeping branches at least 10 feet away from your roof, for your safety.

 5. Know When to Call a Professional

roof maintenance tipsSometimes your roof needs more than a simple cleaning. Knowing when to call a professional roof repair company can be the difference between a small repair and the need for an entirely new roof. If you see these signs, call a professional:

Stained Shingles-This could be algae, due to the materials in the shingles. Or it could be symbolic of a larger issue.

Curled Shingles –Your shingles may be improperly installed, or showing their age.

Rust on Flashings– This can be a sign of a leak.

Mold or water stains – Considered one of the tell-tale signs of a major leak. Call a professional immediately if you spot mold in the attic of your home.

Higher energy bills – A higher electric bill could represent air escaping from the roof. If nothing about your home power consumption has drastically changed, your energy bills should not increase. Call a professional for an inspection.

Water leaking– Leaks fall under the category of a roofing emergency. Putting a bucket beneath a leak does not equal a solution. Would you fix a severe wound with a small latex bandage? If your roof has leaks, call a professional. Allowing the leak to continue will only cause more problems over time.

As a rule of thumb, take a look at your roof a few times a year, following these roof maintenance tips. Just like you would call your doctor when you start to feel under the weather, you should call a roofing professional at the first sign of a roof related issue. If you suspect there may be an issue with your roof, or want a professional inspection, contact The Paint Manager for your roofing needs.

Whether you are preparing to sell your home, or just want to fall in love with your house again, The Paint Manager can help you with roof repair, gutter cleaning, and interior/exterior painting. Let us go the extra mile in making your house a dream home once more.

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