1. UCF/ Rollins Special: This special allows you to have your project completed quickly. The special includes 1 bedroom and 1   bathroom and does not include any closets. The materials are included for 1 coat only. A second coat is an additional $75. The walls will be lightly sanded. Any nail holes will be filled. This special doesn’t include any repairs. All repairs are subject to an immediate price change. This special expires 30 days after purchase date. All sales are final.

2. Paint 10 Interior doors: These doors will be wiped clean to remove any foreign substances. Light sanding in some cases. This special does not include color changes or doors not primed.

3. Commercial painting up to 150,000 Sq. Ft.. This special is for large retail Shopping Plazas. This includes pressure washing the exterior of the buildings. Interior projects are included. 

4. Residential roof cleaning up to 3,000 Sq. Ft. We use chlorine and a water mixture 80/20 Water/Chlorine. All shrubs are covered. A thorough rinse is included.

5. Exterior Apartment pressure cleaning. This special doesn’t include roofs. Buildings only. We use a low-pressure washing system. Chemicals used are; Simple Green or Chlorine. 3 or 4 story units will incur an extra charge.

6. Exterior Residential Repaints up to 2,800 Sq. Ft. The exterior of the homes will be pressure washed. a masonry sealer will be applied. We use an elastomeric patching compound over minor cracks. We use Rustoleum on all rust areas after they have been treated. Bare wood or metal is always primed with the proper primer. thresholds are always covered. The windows and door frames will be re-caulked. the base of the home will be pulled back for a uniform finish. Shrubs and walks will be covered. Major cracking will incur an extra charge if repairs are necessary. Wood damage or rot will be assessed separately. Custom designs are extra and are not included with this special. A second coat if necessary will cost an extra charge. All of the materials are included. See our color picker for your choice or product. Stucco repairs are extra and not included with this special. We go the distance.

7. Residential texturing whole home. This special is for ceilings only. If any wall repairs are needed this will incur an extra charge. We will wrap your home walls with plastic and cover all your furnishings and floors. We work in one section at a time if the home is occupied. We clean up each day. Once we have scrapped or removed the popcorn off the ceilings or whatever surface is being textured. We will make sure your wall boards are secure. All damages or cuts will be repaired that was caused during the removal of the popcorn. If any new drywall boards or corner beads are needed. This will incur an extra charge. The ceilings will be primed and painted. Specialty ceiling colors or sheen will incur an extra charge. kitchen or bathrooms are exempt from the extra charge. All of the prep and materials are included.

8. Apartment roof cleaning per building. This special includes; tile, shingle, flat or metal roofs. We use Simple Green or Chlorine. We cover Shrubs and rinse.

9. Sidewalk washing. We use Chlorine. We rinse before and after your walks are cleaned. We use hot/cold water. We have a 350-gallon water tank. We use surface cleaners for an extra white finish. Rust Iron cleaning or graffiti removal will incur an extra charge.

10. Commercial Painting Services. This special is for shopping plaza units Interior or exterior up to 1000 Sq. ft. or less. However,  you are allowed to increase your quantity. All of the materials are included. The Interior does not include ceilings or trim. Walls only. The exterior painting does not include trim or doors. Exterior walls only.

11. Exterior Apartment Repaint. This special is for exterior Apartment repaints. The units will be pressure washed. A masonry sealer will be applied. We apply elastomeric patching compound over hairline cracks. We treat rust areas with a rust inhibited primer after the area has been prepped. Soffit, Fascia, Gutters and Down Spouts are included. Major stucco or wood repairs or rot are not included with this special. These areas will be assessed separately. All of the windows and door frames will be re-caulked. ceiling damage is not included. Any ceilings will be assessed separately. Flooring or decks will be assessed separately. Wrought iron work will be assessed separately. If a second coat is needed this will incur an extra charge. All of the materials are included.


12. Memberships are for the sole use of our members. (1) one membership per home. Memberships can not be used for any other home. A separate membership will need to be purchased for a second home or (s), places of business or rental properties. All memberships are annual auto-renewals. Pay (1) one price for the whole year. Use your membership up to 3 times a year. Membership cancellations must be submitted by email to (thepaintmanager@aol.com) 90 days prior to your renewal date. All canceled memberships result in an immediate termination of membership privileges and any warranties associated with the membership(s) will become immediately void. All memberships come with a one year warranty. Water damage from sprinklers and iron deposits form the water will void your warranty. Always keep your home in great shape with The Paint Manager.


13. Do It Yourself Texturing is a service provided by The Paint Manager for customers who would like to save so of the cost of having a room, or their entire home textured. Customers should make sure their home is completely prepped. Furnishings should be covered. The floors should be covered. The walls shold be covered. The damages from scrapping off the popcorn shuld be oiled primed, skimmed and sanded. Any joints seems needing repair should be repaired prior to our spraying your textured ceiling. Avoid extra charges by having these areas completed. If the areas are not prepped to The Paint Manager's standard an extra charge may be submitted. DIY projets are fun but please make sure your home is cared for properly. The Paint Manager is here to assist you.

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